Friday, 22 January 2016

A Trip to the Seaside

Great weekend last week. Trotted off to Essex to babysit whilst E&T went house hunting, then went off to have dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant before going to see what turned out to be a great show.

Let It Be  - the story of the Beatles music was on at the Cliffs Paviilion

They get lots of the newest shows there, often trying them out before they go to the West End.

The tickets were a Christmas gift and Mr T was really looking forward to it as he is a big Beatles fan. Me - I like some of the earlier stuff but thought they got a bit weird , but I'm always up for a night out.

It was GREAT.  Mr T - having seen the real thing ( cos he is old enough!) actually thought that it sounded better than the real thing on stage. We did laugh though, as I am sure there were far more bald heads there, than would have been at an original show!!

Sunday morning saw us walk the length of Southend Pier - 1.4 mile into the Thames estuary and the longest pleasure pier in the world! The wind had dropped and it was a really pleasant walk with the sun trying to peep through the haze.

Little Miss walked some of the way, and then wanted a carry and within minutes she had fallen asleep!  

This pic was taken whilst she was sitting on my lap, sparko, and whilst I indulged in a cup of hot chocolate with the obligatory marshmallows,
looks very grey, but it was lovely.
 You can see how calm the water was. I rather fancy having a go at this kayaking business, but it would need to be a bit warmer!
 There is a train that runs the length of the pier, so we hopped on board for the return journey , which was good as the sun had given up and the temperature had dropped considerably.
just woken up face!
It was our All Day session at Piecemakers so I set about using up some lovely Moda samples and made 6 knitting bags that will end up on some charity stall in the future
Not much sewing done other than that. I am trying my best to get that HUGE crochet blanket finished , so I can move onto the next idea. I do have a cardigan to knit in the meantime!

I have drawn up my pattern for my Piecemakers Challenge, and have sorted out the fabrics, but I can't show you just yet.

Its been so grey and miserable that's a bit how I feel, have finished the week with a grotty sore throat and even my eyeballs ache so i am off to huddle under that blanket. I feel a nap will commence before any stitching does!

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  1. Hope it's just a sore throat and not the awful cough / virus etc. that seems to be doing the rounds. Just try to take it easy X X