Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love is in the Air!

 I have spent two days piecing all the scraps from the "Plus" fabric to make the backing for the "Plus" quilt

 It's done and all ironed on to the wadding ready for quilting. I like to use Hobbs 80/20 Fusible wadding. You can iron on both sides and then dash over to the machine and starts quilting. No crawling around the floor pinning and basting.
 So now I am "dashing off" to start the quilting. I would like to get it finished this weekend and get it sent of to raise funds for the MS clinic

As soon as the quilt is in the post, I have to get on with a little challenge between four friends, We are going to make a Mini quilt each month. Any fabrics that we like, just using the same pattern.
 One friend who lives WAY up north is joining in, and these are her cut out pieces.
 There is just as much work in a "mini" but maybe a little less thread?!?  It seemed like a good idea.

I will let you know.

 It's Valentines day and my dear husband knew just what to do to make my day special.  He has played golf this morning and has gone to see his team play football this afternoon so I get to play with my machine all day!!!

And some sweet flowers...
A table decoration sneaked away from a dinner that we attended last night.
 And who says romance is dead!



  1. Looks like you've been having a great day! The flowers are beautiful. X

  2. Love the quilt and hope it makes loads of money for you. Who could ask for a better Valentines Day ?

  3. Love the quilt and Mr T is so thoughtful!