Friday, 20 February 2015

A Flying Visit

Just to say that the"Plus Quilt" is finished and will be heading off to Chilterns at the weekend ready to be Raffled at their Art Exhibition in a couple of weeks. I will be attending (not to enjoy their delicious refreshments - honest!!)
 The back used every scrap!

But today's task is to get a Mini Quilt finished before all the other members of our Mini Mania group beat me to it.  We are using this pattern  and our own choice of fabrics.

Yesterday I cut out all the little pieces
 And started to sew
 Before I went out to meet up with some friends, I had done all of the Four Patch blocks

 And the rectangle blocks
they ARE small
 And had added the triangles onto some of the Square In A Square blocks

Mr T is doing a bit of decorating. He does not want my help (he likes to work at his own pace

But I am not complaining because he always does a good job and I do not enjoy decorating. I feed and water him at regular intervals and leave sport on the radio to keep him company.

So I intend to listen to another Jack Reacher tale whilst sewing the rest of these little blocks together.

I have sharpened my unpicker.


  1. Your plus quilt is lovely and will keep someone cosy warm. Just don't go showing off with your mini, we have until the end of the month to finish. X x

  2. Started well, but came to a halt when Sister 2 called to meet for a coffee --- will start again later

  3. Love the plus quilt. I am sure Mr T does a good job ad you are lucky he doesn't mind doing it!!