Monday, 1 September 2014

I dont understand it!

I have been dashing around like the proverbial all week and when I looked to see what photos I can add to the blog this week and I have no evidence of productivity at all!

I did add the face to "Bobby" on the baby quilt made for a friend.
And I forgot to take a pic of the baby burglar that I added to the back of it. Made me laugh!

I have been backed into a corner  asked to make a quit for my nephew for his 40th birthday. I love said nephew and will do it willingly, but his wife wants me to use 23 years worth of Liverpool football shirts!

Not my favourite fabric and I will have to keep them away from the football fans in this house because Liverpool is NOT a favoured team. This could help with the cutting up of the shirts?

Anyway - the shirts will be handed over and I will have to make the best of it. Nephews birthday is mid October so there will be no time to try to avoid starting this job.

We have been looking after another nephew for a couple of days before he flies out to Cape Town to meet his ship (HMS Protector) and then head off for the South Atlantic. He is VERY tall, and I have noticed that he has to duck when going through our doors. It must be like living with "The Borrowers". Anyway we will be taking him to Heathrow tomorrow. 

I have charged up the batteries on my very nice new camera and I will make a point of snapping some interesting things this week.


  1. I loved that cute little quilt. Maybe in the future you might think of making a pattern as I am sure it would be a sell out. Good luck with the football shirt must love that boy lots x x

  2. what a lovely Aunty, you will reap the rewards in heaven.......if not before! love you xxx