Tuesday, 9 September 2014

He Did It!!

 Great North Run completed! Well done Lee!  Lots of monies raised in aid of Anthony Nolan - a good job well done.   Himself and Miss S Mrs S can now wing off on their delayed honeymoon.
I can't believe that he has managed to keep the destination secret from her Ladyship so long! She will only find out when they get to the airport.  Hope he's got it right!!

 Whilst that half of the family were up north doing charitable work Mr T & I went "sarf" to see little miss.  It was a little overcast, but a lovely warm day and a long walk on the seafront was on the menu. The tide was out, so no paddling done today.

 I love this time of year. The sun has been shining but the intensity of the heat has gone so that suits me so much better.
The last of the garden blooms are enjoying the warmth

potato patch nearly all cleared, they have been good

And a quilty finish too. This mas been made for Makower to promote the new
Downton Abbey 2 range of fabrics due out this month.

 These are prints from "The Downstairs" they are such pretty prints. Very old fashioned, sort of antiquey and remind me of a quilt dated 1790 something that I saw in a museum in Paducah.   The pattern is available to download here

And I must have been a good girl, because these beautiful flowers were delivered this morning. 
Thank You!
 I seem to have cleared the tables (waiting for those football shirts to be delivered!) so I am going to try to get this bag made before they do.

I have had the pattern for ages, but am going away in 55days (not counting - really) and I would like it as a carry on bag.
I am going to use the tips given in this blog
I want it to be quite firm but not too many layers of wadding so am using cotton duck as suggested. We will see what happens.  


  1. Lovely flowers, both in the garden and delivered. Like the bag and pattern as well.

  2. I can't believe your flowers, most of mine got chomped by the slugs and I certainly didn't get a second show. Your quilt looks great, cant wait to see the football quilt when its done. Well done Mr L, does that mean next year London marathon?????