Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A Quick Pit Stop

As I am busy busy busy trying to catch up with loads of bits and bobs, but a wet Bank Holiday weekend has helped me out with some free time for homely things

 A baking session on Sunday morning so there was something nice for Mr T to graze on

Which left me free to work on a project for a very good friend, Her God Daughter has a baby due any day now, and the parents are both in the "Force" so a police theme was asked for
 A bit of sketching and the trusty Bondaweb helped to conjure  up these blocks

 And a few other pictures and lots of bright prints resulted in a finished quilt

I do quite like this!

 And I pieced the back too

But now have a heap of threads to sort through!!

why can I never find the one I want?

 And another Finish! well, nearly . Remember the Mini Challenge that I was sharing with my friend Jo ?
Well mine is finished too, but now I am not sure about the colour of the binding, so this may be replaced with navy or orange - I will sleep on it and see.

 It certainly was a challenge! Those little pin-wheel blocks measure one and a half inches . The whole thing is 13" x 15" !

 There was a lovely reddish hue to the sunset this evening, I wonder if that means good weather tomorrow/

We have a second bloom of Delphiniums, which are looking a bit bedraggled after the weekend downpour.A warm day will see them perk up I am sure

 Oh! and the knitting is coming on. I am on the third set of pattern repeat, so only 25 more to go!
so soft to knit.
Another knitting friend has this amazing gadget that winds the skeins of wool into a ball and she was kind enough to let me have a play.
aren't they neat?

Baby has been born so label can be finished. Welcome to the world, William Harvey "B"


  1. cakes look yummy. Would have come round and tested them for you if you had asked.... Love the police quilt, its come out really well

  2. Yummy, can I come for tea and cake then I can check up on that amazing quilt, it looks great. You must have green fingers, my Delphiniums got chomped by slugs and the one remaining one only gave us the one stem of blooms, hope for more next year

  3. it all looks very lovely, dont know where you find the time! xxx

    1. I have a very handy man at home, who seems to be happy doing the chores.....

  4. How does Mr T say so slim with all those goodies. Love your baby quilt - 'sew clever'!!