Monday, 11 August 2014

Flippin Tired!

After a really busy few days at The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham
It was packed!
People were spending money like there was no tomorrow.

It was great!

 I spent most of the time helping friends from New Zealand on their stand. They have the most beautiful selection of patterns for making quilts for children.
 I did get to have a bit of a look around at the Quilts.

But... I was disappointed at the lack of traditional pieced quilts that had been entered and on display, compared to the "art" style quilts.

It's not that I don't appreciate the work that goes into any piece, but I really do wonder "Why?" at some of the entries.
I didn't take pics of those

Here is a selection of some that caught my eye
 There was a lovely selection of miniature quilts

 And some clever ideas too

 This one was very effective
 And a close up

 Simple, but lovely

 A pixelated portrait
 More traditional pieces
 A very nice beach scene, the hand stitching brings this to life
Philipa Naylor won the Traditional category
 which had some exquisite free motion quilting.

This was my favourite
and it has given me an idea...

The rest - well - maybe you saw them for yourself.

 Anyway - that's all for another year and a quick recovery before the next exhibition - a MUCH smaller one - at the beginning of September in the village.

The quilt blocks that I started in the previous post are all done and are ready to join together but I have more important things on my mind...

Tomorrow I am of to catch up on MANY hugs and kisses from this little squidgy thing, who has been in France for three weeks and MUST be missing me!! 

Off to prime my lips now. Poor little thing.....


  1. Got to agree about the quilt show, loved the miniatures, and loads of the traditional, but the rest left me cold, still I had fun with friends send it was a good day out. Enjoy your hugs and kisses x x

  2. What a lovely little 'squidgy' thing! She is gorgeous and I am sure she has missed you.

  3. You may be tried but you will have a new lease of life when you see that gorgeous baby . she would steel any ones heart.Have a good time/