Monday, 4 August 2014

A Bit Like Buses!

When you are happily playing with one project and then more come along that have a timetable with them.

You may remember that a friend and I have a bit of a Miniature Challenge theme going on
 We are using this design, the miniature in this pattern finishes at 25" -- but we didn't want to do that....we decided to do the bed size quilt (68" square) but in miniature. So we started out something like this

each square finishes at half an inch!
a bit of progress
 Et Voilà
After much stitching - and unpicking - We have finished the top!
 Now it just goes to show what a difference the seam allowance makes!  Mine is a full 1 1/2" bigger than "J's"

how did that happen?
 Mine was a shy 1/4" seam allowance "J's" was a full 1/4" . All those seams make such a difference.
But the top is done and just the quilting to go.

Meanwhile a call from my friend who works for Makower asking if I had time to make up one of their samples. Me -- Time -- Of course I would love to do it! (what am I saying!!!)

This is the quilt
 It is using the new Downstairs collection from the Downton Abbey 2 series of fabrics.
So after cutting 300 x 2" squares, 100 x 1 1/2" squares and goodness knows how many one and a half inch strips, I got down to sewing them all together.

working till way past daylight

neat little prints

strip piecing the little beauties
 And we have ended with lots of these blocks.
block measures 6 1/2"

 Off to put the borders on them in a bit.

 AND sorting out a request from a dear friend who wants a baby quilt with a Police theme for a new baby due to be born in a couple of weeks. ( They know for nine months! how come the request comes with a close deadline!!)

BUT -- I have had quite a bit of fun sorting out some appliqué images and designing this quilt. I will show the progress once I have got past the paper stage.

 Back to The Confetti Garden quilt. Only today to get on with it this week as we have an Australian group visiting the shop on Wednesday, and I am working at the NEC on this stand  on Thursday Friday and Sunday - in the shop Saturday so not much spare time this week

Hey Ho - It's good to be busy - Yes???

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  1. Wow - you are busy. I don't think I could keep up with that schedule!!!