Wednesday, 12 April 2017

So Much To Do !

 At this time of the year!

I did finish my March Mini Mania in plenty of time. This month it was Tessellations. 
 I failed miserably when working out how many pieces of each fabric was needed.....
So I used all the extras and pieced the back too!
 Lots going on in the garden. Repairing our garden shed was top of the list when Mr T out his foot through the floor!
We had a spot where water had been getting in, and as the floor was covered in carpet tiles ( who doesn't carpet their shed floor?😜) the little drip drip drip didn't dry up 😱
Anyway, a big clear out was long overdue and then onto replacing the floor. Just as the last panel went in we realised that water was getting between the roofing felt so ......... new roof covering followed. Our shed is at the very bottom of the garden, and backs onto another garden, so we never actually get to see the back of the shed.
When Mr T was re roofing he spotted a couple of panels of wood had somewhat warped and was worried that water may get in there too, so more wood ordered and re-cladding the back of the shed continued.

Its a bit like Triggers broom the shed has been there for 35 years but I'm not sure exactly how much of the original is there🤣🤣🤣

But it is done.

And then comes the replacing the garden fence (not ALL of it thank goodness).
But the new fence looks good and we have added another compost bin (a very good friend kindly swapped this for a wormery) and that part of the garden is now sorted.

already starting to fill too!
The new bed has been planted up with strawberries

 I think I will have enough tomatoes to supply Tesco

 Splitting some of the Hosta's ready to go to DD's new garden

 I like to keep some of the named varieties in pots in case the labels in the garden go missing

And despite our Bramley Apple tree having a VERY severe pruning, it has graciously produces many blossoms, so I am hopeful of a good crop this year.

 Some of last years apples have gone into a pie baking session.
this one is for an old friend

 The baking and food prep session is ready for another visit from the family.

They were here for a few days last week and a trip to Stanwick lakes without her wellies did not stop Little Miss O from having a great time in the (FREEEZING) water.
 We did manage to persuade her to keep her cardi on. She was soaked through but very happy when we eventually pulled her out on the promise of an ice cream!

It was also reveal week for Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge  

I had made my block into a bag . I used the Ethel Bag Pattern (free)  and used the same Cotton Duck to make it a bit more sturdy.   I think this will go to a friend who is having a Quilt Exhibition and sales table for her church in June

Four of us got together to have a beady day and I made this pretty bauble to go with the collection
 More progress has been made on the crochet blanket and I spent a while in the sun in the garden sewing the ends in.  I think I am about halfway with this blanket, and I do like to sew the ends as I go.

And then there is the quilt.

The pieces are getting bigger.

And the quilt top is now finished!  Yay!! 
Oh No!! two strips next to each other - Surgery required!!!

I am hoping to have this one quilted on a Long Arm machine because I think it is too big for me to handle.  there are 90 of the 6"  9 patch blocks and they are all different.
I have used fabrics from 3 or 4 ranges of Bonnie and Camille fabrics in this but there is still quite a bit left over so after the family visit I have a quest to use all of the leftovers, plus some of the white that I have used on the front, to piece that backing. 😳 As you do. 


  1. Love your quilt. No shed for me but I did some gardening and after removing weeds, realised the garden didn't have much in it so off to the Garden Centre for plants. Now to put them in!

  2. You've certainly all been busy of late with shed repairs, your crafting/baking & gardening. Puts me to shame. Must be as Spring has sprung. Love your raised garden beds, which I is what I need with my sore back/ribs, so thanks for showing the little ones you have. Take care.