Thursday, 30 March 2017

I Have a Plan

Many months (well over two years) ago, when I stopped working full time, I had decided that one of the first things that I would be doing with all my new found free time, would be to make a new quilt for MY bed.

I started off well and have made 9 - 16" blocks ( each of the different) from some of my favourite fabrics by Bonnie and Camille , two Moda designers. 

I do love the blocks, but they have been hanging in my work-space since then because I didn't actually want to see them on the bed. Just a bit too fussy for me.

And then I saw a picture of a pattern that was going to be included in a Scrappy Project Journal that was coming on sale. But that was $40!!!  I certainly would not use the journal (far to organised) but I did like the look of the quilt, so I drew up the size that I thought would work and used the pile of fabrics to make up a test block.

And I love it
so in just over a week of fairly consistent sewing

chain piecing for England

With the pieces getting larger

Testing the layout

I am now the proud owner of 90  x 9" blocks ready to make into my quilt. It is all very random but I can positively say that no two blocks are the same!

In between this sewing marathon, I took a day out to spend with No2 sister on a trip to see our Auntie who is now 84.  She lives in Wales so the journey is about 4and 1/4 hours tone way.  After a quick cup of tea off we went (with Auntie driving!!) to a nearby hotel for a very nice lunch , and where we all caught up on the family gossip news, and of course,  to hear about the several operations and two car right offs that have occurred since last we saw her 😲
It was funny how often I saw my Mum (but not so scary!!😂) in her as she put the world to rights. She is full of fun and laughter and the day was a real treat.

The quilt making was also put on hold so that I could complete my Higham Piecemakers Christmas Challenge!  Given out in December and due in on Monday! 

I had made my block up and had decided what item I would make from the block, just had to actually get on with it.

 Mr T was off playing golf for the day, so I got up and cracked on with it.

Done. And. Dusted.

And so was my sewing space

proof I had been busy

The big reveal is on Monday so you will have to wait for a few days more.

Last week at HP a lovely lady came to show us how to make a Stumpwork Portrait.

Not really my kind of thing but I thought that I would give it a go anyway.

We had such fun making these and I was not horrified at the final result.

Darling Daughter has passed the halfway stage with her first pregnancy and Saturday saw us in Lincoln for the day - pram shopping

SIL test driving
Which was fun (and expensive!) and when they started sorting out the car seat I had to go lie down. Who knew there were so many rules and choices? 

I wish I had a picture of the look on their faces when told that they were just put in a carry cot on the back seat 😳
Didn't do them any harm did it?


  1. Mine were in carry cost on the back seat as well or in the boot in the Traveller!!

    Love the look of your new bed quilt and can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Carry cot on back seat NO SEAT BELTS but we are all here to tell the tale.( Secretly I do agree with the new laws.) Quilt looks great. Good for Auntie still driving what sort of car not a little sports job !

  3. Love the look of your new quilt and so glad it's for you. Your challenge looks lovely and such a useful bag. Babies in the carry cot and toddlers standing inbetween the front seats tut tut tut. At the time we knew no better 😱😱

  4. Just found your blog through Once upon a thimble & think I'd definitely enjoy the group you all belong too. Love a couple of your quilts & a few of the challenges that have been set must be both fun & frustrating at times too. My babies were all in carry cots too & I'm probably older than you as my eldest "grand daughter" turns 21 this year. How time flies. Is this your first grandie? Have a good week & take care.

    1. Hi Susan! The Mini Mania group is over on Flickr
      and you are welcome to come join us. We set a new task on the first of the month and the reveal is on the last of the same month. This will be my 3rd Grandchild. No1 is now 3 and No2 is 7 months but this will be my daughters first child. Exciting!!!