Monday, 6 March 2017

A couple of Finishes!

 Well, I did get my Lovebugs quilt blocks all finished and put together, but then there is the problem of "how to Quilt?"

 I layered it all up and waited for inspiration.

After the "jigsaw episode" I knew that all had been forgiven when Mr T spent some time putting this new tiered strawberry planter together ready for Little Miss to come scrumping

just ready for planting

 Our Mini Mania Challenge this month was "Cre8". No quilt blocks allowed 

We had had a workshop at my local group, ages ago, where we added all sorts of stitches and threads to a piece of fabric, so I elaborated on this idea, dying some lace to fit my colour scheme. But what would i actually do with this piece? All of my mini quilts are hanging in the house, but I decided that this months mini would look great as a book cover.

 I am making a few pieces to add to a friends sales table at an exhibition in June. This may well be added to the pile.

 I am making some headway through my stack of scraps ( though I did cheat on the clear out and sent a friend up north a 5kg bag full of scraps) this is a finished quilt ready to go off to Project Linus
A bit of time (when the mood takes) spent putting together the block for my Piecemakers Christmas Challenge. My Block is finished, and now this has to be made into an "item of choice". 
I think I know where this is going
 Piecmakers had a trip to Duxford Quilt Show on Saturday, but I could not go on that day, however, a friend who also couldn't make the date, decided that she would go on Friday and asked if I would like to tag along.
Never say no to an outing !
 We arrived on a very wet and windy day!  The exhibition is held at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.  They had moved the planes out of the area, and there were some lovely exhibits.

This one particularly caught my eye 😍
 Very clever idea. You could only "see" the circles from a distance

Another pretty exhibit 
 So simple but so pretty

 This one was interesting, but after waiting for ages to get a proper pic, I decided that I didn't like it that much.😐
a lot to talk about
 And the finished Love Bugs Quilt has added MORE scraps to the box. But I have downsized the box so not too bad?

 Inspiration did come and a few days of quilting has seen this one crossed off my list of to do's.

 I have even labelled this one, though I'm not sure where it will find a home... 😕

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  1. just love that quilt. some one will just love it too.