Sunday, 19 February 2017

Snowdrop Sunday

 In February each year, the church in the next village to us, opens to show a spectacular display of Snowdrops and Aconites.
 The walk up to the church
 It is always a popular event and this year was no exception

 Trust me - the place was heaving!
 There are many varieties including some stunning doubles

 And simple singles

 There are thousands of them

The church was full of people buying pots of the little flowers and having a cup of tea and a slice of cake. 

Mr T treated us to a cup of homemade soup - scrumptious😋 

 It was a lovely day for it and I am sure they will have raised a good amount for the church funds

 I think we may venture back again when the church yard is a bit quieter, later in the week


  1. I went there as well and bought some aconites for the front garden and more snowdrops. They were better than ever I thought. They have raised about £7,000+.

  2. How pretty! I love spring flowers. And good idea to go back and enjoy it after when it's more quiet. :-)