Thursday, 22 September 2016

Getting a Little Bit Excited !

 The local group that I belong to hand been given a bunch of these dolls to dress and be added to the shoe box appeal, so quite a bit of time was spent making a dress to fit the doll. 

 After a couple of false starts I decided that this one on a yolk was the best fit.  So I cut out the 14 that were needed ( yes those scraps still in use!!)

 With the help of the ladies at group, all were made up and now I just have to add the buttonholes to finish them off.

 I have finished my Tamdou shawl. And I am very happy with it. A lovely pattern to work and the yarn is very soft and squishy.

 I've also made half a pair of finger-less mitts  with some more lovely yarn

 Nearly done this sweet little jacket for Master L. 

Not so much sewing this week as the garden has required quite a bit of attention.

Why is it that we have had no ripe tomatoes all summer and now they are coming red thick and fast!

Well, we can only eat so many salads so I have roasted some off and have made lots of pasta sauce to freeze and though I say it myself - it is VERY tasty!

 We have had another trip down to see the babies and on Saturday we went on a Yarn Bomb hunt.

There is a group of ladies local to the area that several times a year, yarn-bomb several sites .          This time was to celebrate the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl.

James and the Giant Peach

The Enormous Crocodile



It is lovely to go on a hunt for these little works of art and they are becoming very popular, with people queuing to take selfies with them.  They will be auctioned off in a couple of weeks and the monies all go to a local charity.  Lots of work but fabulous!

 I have been looking at some little dress kits that will be on sale at an event this weekend, but not sure that I want to spend such a large amount and was wondering if I could make it up myself, when I had the chance to use this book that has a pattern of  just what I want in it!!! Karma

The excited bit ?
The time has come ........

I am off to Yarndale this weekend - which will be a colourfest to say the least .  I am going wit a bunch of girly friends so there will me much merriment too.

Expect to be bombarded with photos next time !!


  1. waiting in the hotel for Yarndale. Well driven SewHappy!

  2. love the post box's look nice in Higham