Saturday, 10 September 2016

August Mini Reveal - and a New Arrival!

 The August Mini Mania Challenge subject was Dresden Plate - a minimum of 3 Dresdens - any size up to 24" finished.



Dee's - very Olympicesque

My Mini measured 8 1/2" x 7 1/2"   with each of the plates measuring 2 1/4" across

Janie had not got hers completed ( she has spent most of the month holidaying abroad!) 
 but this will be finished shortly

 So another great turnout from the Mini Group

I am just about to cut out the pieces for a wreath from this book - well actually I will be cutting 4 sets and handing them to Sister 2 - her Niece and Darling Daughter , to get the prep work done before we all meet up to make up the finished wreath.  I have been very nice to Hubby so hopefully he will help with the tracing and cutting.......

 I have sped along with the latest knit project
Lovely Alpaca/Silk yarn
 I hope to get this one finished over the (very wet so far) weekend

I did manage to get 108 lavender bags made for my friend's stand at Burghley Horse Trials

I am also in the process of using more scrap fabrics to make some Reading Cushions for sale at a Save The Children shop. 

and have spent several days, piecing these scraps together so cushion construction can begin.
It's surprising how time can whizz by whilst sewing and listening to a talking book. Before I knew where I was - one book down and enough fabric to make 15 of the cushions! 

And yet that scrap box is still overflowing!!!

All this whilst we were on standby in case we were needed to take care of Little Miss O when mummy went into hospital to deliver .........

Our new Grandson!!!

 Leo Anthony Stefan Barnett - Welcome to our Family


  1. I am quite out of breath at your productivity!! Lovely family group photo and kittle Miss O looks thrilled.

  2. So exciting! Enjoy that gorgeous family!!