Thursday, 12 May 2016

I Am Busy!


Life sometimes has events that take up a silly amount of time. But I am still working on simple things when time allows

I did complete (just in time) my April Mini Mania Challenge

Drunkards path was the design for April. There were some lovely offerings again and you can see them all here 

I popped into  the Yarn shop in Kimbolton  and was generally browsing when I heard Jacqui explaining to a customer that a shawl sample in the shop was simple, and you are just casting off three stitches every 10 rows whilst increasing on the other side.

Casting off I say?  Are you sure?

B*****B***** B***** 

I am knitting that pattern and have been casting on instead of casting off!!! (I had thought that it was not making the shape I thought it should have been!)

So home I went and did this

 Until I got to this

Which was where I went wrong!  Note to Self! Read the Abbreviations!!!

But Saturday was sunny and we were going to be at home all day so I did get all of that undone yarn re knitted, and a bit more besides.

knitting whilst catching up with some podcasts

I did have one sewing project that was done bar sewing the handle of the bag on but somehow just wasn't feeling the love.

So Saturday night I cast on this .....

And off to Darling Daughters for a BBQ on Sunday, which was lovely. I showed her the progress. This was the yarn that she brought me from her trip to Iceland.

 Got home and carried on and before bed had got to he end

because we all need a woolly hat in 24 deg!

 A while ago our sunken sink had lots of "activity" which resulted in a huge amount of frog spawn. We have lots each year, but last year it all disappeared.
I'm not sure if it is because there are newts in the sink too but I maneuvered some of the jelly spawn out of the pond and into a bucket
 The bucket if full of tadpoles

But the sink has NONE!

Hopefully these will progress into little froglets. I may have to re locate those newts!

Tuesday arrived and I bit the bullet.  Lets get that pesky strap made!
 And I did!

The bag complete ready to post out to my swap partner. filled with some extra goodies.

And by chance found out that evening that my swap partner was adopting a new born later in the month!
So I grabbed some 5" squares and sewed the top together before bed, and quilted and bound before bed on Wednesday!

its for a baby boy

So you see, I am busy - really!


  1. Its actually amazing the work we get through when even we are no looking. That bag looks great, and I am sure your swap partner will be thrilled with the extra baby quilt, your such a star. Mini Mania once again threw up some very different designs ...wonderful. Loon out you may need that shawl this weekend :)

  2. My frogspawn in the bucket is dead! Love the quilt and the bag is astounding. Can we do a workshop?