Sunday, 1 May 2016

Do You Ever Do This?



I just cant seem to get my mind focused onto getting on with things, And I have MANY things that I want to get on with. 

So we have been doing (too much) of this

 I got Mr T (who has been told not to play golf for a while)

 to use my new yarn winder to cake up some of the carpet yarn that on of the Crochet girls had acquired
he is so patient with me

 I have had an idea to use some of this, and it does seem to be working- but I will show more of that later.

A friend popped round with these lovely Tulips. Love them!

I did finish my Waiting For Rain shawl, and am very pleased with how it turned out. When I saw these colours, I immediately thought of my DIL, and when we met up for (another) lunch, I showed it to her. She loved tt so it now has a new home, and I am looking for some soft grey yarn to make one for me 
It's a lovely shawl to knit , I used the alternative bind off and it took HOURS to complete, but I am so glad that I did. 

 Back in February I had cast on my first ever pair of socks, I knit them two at a time, and got to the heel turn quite quickly. I have avoided going any further since then, but this week, I have pulled up my big girls panties and have now finished them!
and they fit me too!

 Not sure I will actually wear them, as I certainly don't need anything to keep me warm! But they are actually quite easy to do with not too much to think about
 so I have cast on another pair! Its a good job the children (they will always be) like hand knit socks.

And so to this months Mini Mania Challenge.

Drunkards Path

Not difficult

More Procrastination

Get on with it!!!

So I did

all it took was and evening of cutting out and sewing
 and an evening of Quilting and Binding

And it's done!!!

 I remembered seeing this (or a similar )layout ages ago and for once I could recall the image

Now onto May!!!

We are off to the seaside for a couple of days so I hope that the sun shines, though I have an idea that someone wants some help with some decorating.........


  1. Love the shawl and your Mini Mania and the socks have worked out well also. Always so much crafty stuff to finish!!

  2. It is surptrising just how much gets done when you feel you can settle to anything in particular, sock, shawls, wool winding and a stunning mini quilt to mention just a few. Enjoy your time down at the coast X