Friday, 20 May 2016

Another Week Has Flown By...

And I think that might be because we are waiting for some news.  But the news has come and we can get on with normal things for a couple of weeks.

I wound up this ball of yarn ready to cast on A Spindrift Shawl
Its a fabulous colour "Pokeberry" from Knit Picks (bought in a sale )  and I wanted to make this as a gift for a friend.
 It's a lovely squishy 4ply yarn but using the needles in the pattern it was knitting up quite firmly.  so I upped the needles size, once, twice, three times, and I was just not happy that the shawl would have that "drapey"  look. So it has been pulled back, wound up again and put away for a different project.

On to the sewing machine to make a start on this month's Mini Mania Challenge, which is Cathedral Window.

It's coming along nicely, but I have to decide on my inserts now.  Need to think about these as my first idea didn't look how I had hoped!

 Lots of time has been spent in the garden.

Potatoes coming up, beans planted. Courgettes, Squash and Pumpkin plants have been mixed up so those that have been shared will get a surprise!  They are in and are all marked as Marrow, as Mr T likes marrow but doesn't like Courgettes - go figure. I just let one or two grow oversize and tell him they are small marrow. He's happy - Bless Him!!!

The Delphinium started peeking through in late January and I was sure that it would suffer, but no , it's just as lovely, though maybe less flowers than normal.

The Peony is looking fabulous.  Normally, as soon as it blooms, we have torrential rain, and gale force winds that knock those lovely flowers about but it seems to have flowered a little later this year and hopefully will keep,it's glory a bit longer 

I love to see the fern fronds unfolding

At my Patchwork Group this week we did a workshop "Collage Creation"
It was great fun, using a huge bag of Liberty scraps that the teacher had brought and I have made two picture mounts that will surround some sweet embroidery designs .

The embroideries are not finished but in the meantime, I will use the pattern  in the frame because I love how they have turned out.

 A little bit of trimming and into the frames they will go.

We have a fairly quiet weekend (Mr T will want to watch the football, uninterrupted, tomorrow)

I have machine the binding onto 6 baby quilts that are to be donated to the local Maternity unit

So I have plenty of hand sewing to keep me quiet

And a friend brought over some "spare" yarn that she no longer wants. I LOVE the colour so am now searching patterns that will fit this amount of yarn. 


  1. I know someone at group who is happy to sew on binding!!

  2. How comes you gave such wonderful blooms already­čś│ my garden is still waking up. Your frames look delightful be you will thoroughly enjoy doing the embroidery the lithe girls are so sweet. Yummy yarns

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