Friday, 11 September 2015

Lots of Preparations

 Getting ready for Higham Piecemakers Biennial Quilt Exhibition at the end of the month.

They always have a sales table of smallish items that the ladies have made and donated for sale,  with the funds from the weekend going to a local charity. This week I have made four knitting bags

great to hang over your arm and keeps the yarn from rolling around the floor
And several purses and glasses cases

 A couple more peg bags and then I think I am done!!

Which is a good job because Darling Daughter "popped round" and rummages through my box of tricks , hijacked my machine (whilst I did the cutting out )
and created this lovely baby quilt for a friend's new baby boy.
all from that scrap box!!

I did get to finish a quick throw quilt for Chilterns MS Centre

splashes of dew - ooops!
This has been handed over and will hopefully make them a bit of cash.

You may remember that back in June I visited Fibre East and purchased this lovely lace yarn.
Needs winding from the skein
Well, I invited a friend over for coffee, and (luckily !!!) she brought along her wonderful gadget

drop the yarn on the umbrella

wind the winder
And you end up with lovely squidgy balls of softness, ready to knit or crochet up
with a bit of sparkle
 and I may have sneaked a couple of skeins in for Jo!
 I have already made a couple of the Road Trip Shawls using 4ply yarn and a 4mm hook, and think I may be ready to tackle the finer yarn on another scarf that I have purchased the pattern for. We shall see.
But I already have started a blanket for S & L - this is just double crochet (or my version of) and is a bit of a no brainer n front of the TV

Last weekend saw us down south visiting the little darling and we spent Saturday afternoon walking around Belfairs Wood. I was a beautiful afternoon, though we had had a lot of rain the day before.
Little Miss LOVES her welly boots and had great fun walking through muddy puddles, though she had to be evacuated from this one as it did get to the top of her little boots!
And maybe it wasn't the best idea to introduce her to the stream that flows through the wood
But we did it anyway!
Sunday was full of laughter as we went to a Fun Day held in aid of Jack, the son of DIL's work colleague
Bit of face painting
lots of bouncy castles

big kids!

Do they ever grow up!!
Anyway, a great day, kind weather and £1700 raised for Jack's Journey.

Back to the sewing.  We have been given the instructions for the September "Mini Mania Challenge"   1" strips, making (16)  3 1/2 or 4 1/2" blocks in Log Cabin or Courthouse steps.

After the Sales Table stint, my room was a bit of a mess, so a tidy up was needed before I thought about the Challenge.

Sorting the scrap box

Then a drawer
At which point I got completely sidetracked and puled the fabrics for these little beauties (can't show too much - reveal is at the end of the month)

 And it's finished!!!
Binding and all with 20 days to go!!
Yesterday I decided that I just couldn't eat any more of the lovely fresh figs that had been passed to me by my lovely neighbour, so out came the jam pan.....
 resulting in....
 And then a request that a batch of fresh figs brought back from Sister 3 last week  should also be boiled up

already disappeared!
 This morning was the monthly meet of our little crochet group. J had been sent an idea from this site and has produced her version

great for storing your yarn

 Some of the ladies are making "bonding squares" for the local Special Care Baby Unit
and a couple of little bonnets
 And Ena had finished her first Road Trip Scarf

Well done Ena!
      And Carol had finished her first ever pair of socks
these look cosy
 And Lesley had made a cover for her little table
that doubles as a stool
  so lots going on there

When I got home, Darling Daughter was again sitting at my sewing machine  (already rummaged through my Christmas Treasures) and is making a set of mug rugs for the festive season!!

 I have managed to get this all written up, but "we" are now sorting fabrics for Christmas stockings and I need to keep my eye on what is being kidnapped!!

 I will let you know!!!


  1. Phew! Did you manage any sleep this month. You have been turning out some great 'stuff' for everyone to have a share in. Well done you.

  2. You have been busy! That baby quilt is darling! And I'm jealous you have too many figs. I'm not sure they even grow in Utah. You can find them in a few stores, but I don't think I've ever seen them at a farm stand. Lucky, lucky! Seriously, everything you've been working on looks great!