Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Parade

The weather was ---- unsettled when we went into church this morning, and after a very uplifting service, we came out to ------ rain.

So I decided to make my own bit of sunshine. I pulled some fabrics to start the Sew Along by Little Miss Shabby

I am liking this selection
 So measuring and cutting commenced.
308 if the 1 1/2" squares!
 Let the stitching begin

Some of these were produced

Put together
centre of the medallion
The rain still coming down - HARD.

A few more pieces sewn et voilĂ  (for my French followers). My medallion up to date and ready for the next instructions.  The very dull day was getting gloomier so a quick pic and off to get some tea.
Needs a little pressing
Thought I would get a head start on the cutting for next time, so now have a pile of these

ready for friendship stars
AND --- I am really feeling the love for these fabrics, so may repeat the process , just for comparison of course.

so much more me
Hope that you have all had a Happy Easter, and as much chocolate a you wanted.


  1. Love it so far...... And the next lot of fabric looks interesting. My family have just left, the washing machine is busy, so I might just get busy in the sewing room to start my medallion. X x hope you had a happy Easter and the bunny was kind to you. X

    1. Am tackling quilting a quilt for Miss S today! If i get it done, I will be cutting the sludgy colours.
      The Easter Bunny stayed away (thankfully!) - he knows I have a new frock to wear soon...

  2. Too much chocolate from the Bunny for me, but I love the Sew Along. What happens next?

  3. Nothing "happens" but if you join in, you get the chance to win prizes!
    I joined because I keep saying I want to make a Mini, but stuff just gets in the way. It will make me focus on me a bit instead of work!!

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  5. It looks lovely Lesley, lovely colours, can we have something next to it for a bit of scale? cant see how big a "mini" is! we managed to scrape up a bit of chocolate from the bottom of the fridge! certainly wasnt enough!!!

  6. Very good Lesley.Will enjoy following your blog. Wasting more time but enjoying what I see

    1. Thank you Ellen. Like you, I have so much time to waste!