Friday, 26 May 2017

A Family Week

 To celebrate Mr T's BIG birthday, ( it was in November but no one wanted to go away then!!) the family jetted off to sunnier climes

 We had rented this beautiful villa in Portugal

 and most of the week was spent here

 or somewhere like this
 with maybe a few of these

 and it was wonderful.  Lots of fun and laughter, good food with great company. No sewing or knitting or crochet done and I only opened my book the day before we came home.  Perfect!

 I had seen a video tutorial to make this little dress and managed to get one made before we went and it fitted Little Miss who loves a twirly skirt

The hanging basket survived our absence

My Clematis is producing flowers the size of dinner plates 
 And I have now got t get my May Mini Mania started!!
 But the sun is out so it will be done in the garden


  1. What a fantastic villa and lots of family time - great fun. Intriguing colours for the Mini Mania.

  2. Lovely to have a great celebration like that,even though it was a little late. Love the pretty clematis. Take care.