Thursday, 17 March 2016

"Time" to Reveal

 This week was the big reveal of Higham Piecemakers 2015 Christmas Challenge.
This year we were given a fat 1/4 and a clock mechanism. 

Off you go !
 We were given this Challenge in December and by January I had drawn up my design
 Printed onto tracing paper
 Made friends with my Add an Eighth ruler again
 And began to sew the panels
 Making some rookie errors when trimming!
 Then the panels sat for a while because I was worried that they might not actually fit together!

 But they did, and I am happy with the results. I even found a little mouse button to add. This will go in Little Miss' new bedroom when they have moved home next week.
 There are lots more clocks o see if you pop over to Piecemakers Blog here

 After all the rain that we had had last week, the weather had improved and on Sunday  we wandered down the Greenway to the lakes to see what the water levels were like.
The river very high but had gone down considerable since the day before

Fields still flooded
 The sunshine made for a very pleasant walk

the ducks didn't know where the field finished and the lake started!
 On Monday,  whilst waiting to give a lift home from the hospital, I managed to crochet two more beanie hats for the Shoe Box appeal

nice rainbow yarn
 And I have finished knitting my "Nurmilintu" shawl

 Which needs blocking but I am in love with this super soft squishy yarn
 I pulled these out of the knitting basket and have "turned a heel" and have got to the toe shaping so am cracking on with these.
  And then ......

Last week I had an email asking if I could make a cake for this stall 
There is a group of us in the village that make cakes for anyone who is having a stall, but I also got a request for any "tra la's" to pretty the stall up. On an Easter theme so Bunnies would be lovely.

All other projects were put to one side and a couple of simple patterns and pretty fabrics were found
30 of these
some Bunny Pails
 These are great for an Egg Hunt

10 of these
 I had also popped a note onto the Piecemakers Blog, asking if anyone had the time or the inclination to make a bunny or two I would be grateful. I was thinking if we got 10 -15 items that would be a nice selection to pretty up the stall.

When I got to Group on Monday...... Well they had done it again
So many bunnies!!!
 The Wednesday ladies added to the mix
 and the 10 - 15 items???


 Yes - 125 bunny and chick items to be handed over with the cakes later to day.

Thank you so much ladies
 I owe you one !!!


  1. Love your clock and what a good idea - Little Miss will love it!!

  2. Love the clock and the shawl is 'to die for' ( as my SA friends would say). You certainly have been busy and the ladies are wonderful to join you X

  3. Can't believe you are buying yarn and making socks.......your Mum would have a big smile.