Saturday, 26 March 2016

On A Mission

To clear TWO drawers of ...... not actually scraps, but fabrics that have been used and lager pieces left.

This now takes up two drawers, and has got to the point where I can't find anything!

One drawer has been tipped onto the floor for sorting
 The other drawers is waiting patiently
 Some pressed ready for cutting

Lots cut into 8" and 4" Squares  and the leftovers into 2 ½ squares

 These will be sewn together to make a very scrappy quilt that I will give to my friend to raise money for charity. 
One drawer is now EMPTY ! YAY!!!  and the other one half done, with only a few favorite pieces left intact.

But now to finish (or even start!) my March Mini Mania Challenge!!

Happy Easter to you All


  1. You are so organised!! Very impressive.

  2. I just had a clean out too! Two shopping bags worth of scraps sorted by color is going to my friend who just got her sewing mojo back! It feels so nice to weight off your shoulders!
    Hoppy Easter to you too!

  3. wish I had your umph, I just spend all my time looking and thinking what I could do with my stuff, but never actually do anything...........well done you x

  4. How proud you must be to have emptied that draw, one down

  5. You are good I sort fabric but put it all back...