Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Before the End of the Month

I must get another post done on this sadly neglected Blog 😧

My August has been full of activities starting off  with my Annual stint at the Festival of Quilts, helping out my lovely friends from New Zealand
Kids Quilts Stand
I arrived by train just after 8am and headed straight to the Exhibition for a quick browse before the show actually opened .

I took many photos. There were many more quilts this year and I have to say that the standard of work was exceptional
Here are just a few of my favourites



My favourite
A4 quilts made by Cancer survivors
A great display of the 365 Challenge quilts

 And the best in show - Philippa Naylor does it again

to show the scale

 It was a good job that I arrived early because we were so busy on Thursday that I didn't manage to leave the stall at all!
Friday started just as busy and then ....... I got the call

Emily Fia arrived on Friday morning weighing in at 8lbs 12oz

 she is adorable and is already stolen our hearts

So I left the show on Saturday afternoon and headed over to meet the newest member of our family

Proud Grandma

 I promise - no more baby photos!

I have also started an new scrappy quilt project
This time in more Autumnal colourways

All of the centre blocks are made and I am ready to start the border blocks

And as I had not done any sewing for .... ages and we had a good reason to pop a cork, this was my sewing refreshment!!

The southern part of the family arrived for a few days, and Little Miss O and I made her Daddy a birthday cake.  She however was more interested in this...
She also brought all of her school uniform for the labels to be sewn in.  26 items!!!  All for a 4 year old! 

We have been harvesting some of the Bramley Apples from our tree

         And there are still loads to pick so I will be busy busy busy                                         

I have finished August Mini Mania Challenge but the big reveal is not until tomorrow so you will have to wait to see.

I am now off to clear up the 5 broken glass baubles that have shattered when my Light Tree just fell over!

And I have made myself a promise that I will do more posts on here in future - where does the time go?



  1. We've all been quiet I think for August, but it is your summer with lots of activities & for me, an awfully cold, inclement winter. Anyway, CONGRATS on the new little one & she is 'gorgeous'. Our eldest will be 21 this year & the youngest 10, & here you are with a new one. Not held a wee baby for a long time, though my niece in UK is expecting again. Oh & that means another quilt, which I must make a start on. The show looked amazing & I'd love to get there one day. Somebody has a Kenwood Chef by the look of your K beater (giggle). Happy labelling & look forward to seeing your Mini Mania. Take care.

  2. Good to have you back, though I am almost as bad as you!!