Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A Week Of Birthday Celebrations

 But first - the pudding making was a month late but HAD to be done before the family arrived.

All steamed up
 And finishing up some things that needed packing away from little fingers
 A finished angel. I said that this would be the ONLY one I made but little fingers loved it and because I can't say no I now need to make another one for me!

 I had made a whole bunch of story cushions that at last have been passed to Save The Children for sale in their Woodstock shop

using lots of scraps
We have eaten out with so many different friends this week, that I don't think we will need to eat now till Christmas!
Saturday came and Mr T was allowed to leave us all to our own devices whilst he went off to play golf.  So off to Beckworth Emporium to partake in some ice skating,

 The temporary rink this year was at least twice the size they normally have and was very well organised.

 No accidents this time (thank goodness) and it was great fun ( for me to watch, as I was left in charge of the baby)

Watching was just exhausting!
 It does worry me a little, how at home Little Miss is when we go into a bar!
more food!

 Monday saw us take a good walk down the lane to feed the ducks and swans

 And this is the reaction when she realised we had to walk BACK up the lane!
 But was easily persuaded (or negotiated with) and we made it back in one piece.  They have a two hour journey to get home and we were advised that she slept ALL the way!

 Today was the big reveal of the Mini Mania Challenge. This month was Applique, any method, but must include at least one flower and one creature.
I have to confess that mine was made in a rush YESTERDAY!  A bit of raw edge applique using Liberty Lawn scraps. 
 Now that the Big Man has had his BIG birthday we can get onto the preparations for Christmas - but first I need to sleep for several days to recover! 

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  1. I love the grumpy picture of little Miss O. Glad the negotiations went well!