Thursday, 7 July 2016

Busy Couple of Weeks

 With Little Miss O staying with us - which somehow takes up all our attention!

We did visit a Mary and Stuart's lovely garden in Finedon.

 They open the garden through the National Gardens Scheme

 But we were invited for a "private" viewing

 which included Tea and cake
 It is not a large garden as such, but it is beautiful, and I'm sure is a full time job, keeping it as pretty as it is.

Then there was the Dying Day.....

 I had found 8 balls of this wool that was cleared out after my Mum passed away. I'm guessing that this is about 29 years old!!  But still lovely and soft and 100% wool so worth playing with
 Dyes were purchased and mixed
 And pots filled
 and mess made
 Playing with techniques
 Even using the microwave1
 At the end of a fun day Jo and I both had 4 skeins of hand dyed yarn
Then there was the VISIT

which took a couple of days to get over!!

The end of the month saw the Mini Mania June Reveal 

My Mini




Ann's (just the binding to go)


Some great Mini's again in June.
July's theme is Seminole Patchwork - fancy having a go? pop over to the group and join us!

I have finished my Downtown Line
oh those ends!!!

 And am very happy with the blocked shawl

 I was not going to cast on another project just yet and certainly not purchase any supplies .....but then I saw this lovely coloured  yarn, and just had to get out the Hilltop Shawl pattern

It had to be done.....

It's  super to knit (baby alpaca and silk mix) and I'm now on 50%. I love the way that Helen charts the progress in percentages so you can keep track of where you are

And then there was the 108 lavender bags sewn and some filled but waiting on more supplies of lavender. An artist friend sells these at events along with her beautiful Nature inspired art

Hoping to finish the 8 reading cushions for Save The Children before the weekend is out

plus a Fold and Stitch Wreath sample

that we are making at Group in a couple of weeks,

and then I can choose what I want to make next -

Or maybe just take a holiday!!!!!


  1. Phew! Just reading the blog wore me out. Dyeing day was fun and look forward to the next time 😜😜 Mini Mania...didn't they do well !!! I love the scarves/ shawls, I am not sure about the newest colour for me, but it will suit you, and a lovely pattern

  2. LOve the green wool, and as for the wool dying its great don't think I am brave enough to do it, So you will have plenty of wool if we have a bad winter.