Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Two Weeks!!!

I swear it only seems a week since I posted last!!

And it's not as if I have been doing anything exciting either! 

But I have been keeping myself busy

6 Place mats and a Table Runner for our garden table

 My Spindrift Shawl finished

 Sunday saw some real sunshine and after a bit of gardening I sat and caught up on a couple of
You Tube blogs whilst I knit the Pretty Basic  pattern

which was a very simple pattern and was completed by Monday evening!!!

I haven't been sleeping very well just lately ( a new thing for me!!) and the postie brought the results of some insomniac shopping!!

 I am joining  the Shawl Society   A Ravelry Group . There will be a new shawl pattern released each month and these will be knitted for gifts. The yarn is scrummy and I hope that I will be able to let them go!!

 Last night saw a bit of this
 and resulted in a lot of this ...

 Allium, Delphinium and many more plants have been beaten to the ground so it was an early start to try to recover them.

The Mini Mania Challenge Group revealed the May finishes - this month was Cathedral Window

This was my Mini
those center pieces are 1"  Quit Measures 9""




 Another great month in the group!

Junes design is Stars - we will see what delights are produced at the end of the month

My Mini collection has outgrown my sewing space so a little time has been spent and they now hang on my staircase. Difficult to photo but I love them

 My next goal is to make 8 Reading cushions  ( with a pocket on the front to house a book and a cuddle friend) for a friend's Charity.

I am using lots of scraps for these, but my scrap box does not look at all depleted!!

 I think those scraps must breed!!


  1. Do you want more scraps as I have lots?!!!!

  2. The knitting bug has certainly taken over....... I love your new yarn and had a look at the website only to see that all yarn sold out 😟😟😟 as they say 'snooze you loose' .

    Those Mini quilts are taking over....beware!