Monday, 15 February 2016

In Love Again.....

With my sewing machine that is!
January is always an unproductive month for me. I don't know why, but each year starts off with lots to do and no enthusiasm to do it. But after chopping up all that stash and making the shorts, I pulled myself together and got on with things that need to be done.

This little chappie has become my new best friend . Have you used an "Add A Quarter" ruler? It certainly makes Foundation Piecing easier, and the "Add and Eighth" is even better if you are working on a miniature.
This month's Mini Mania Challenge is Pineapple Log Cabin. we are using the template from Little Mushroom Cap and the blocks finish at 3"
I have been printing these patterns onto tracing paper (just a pad from the local stationers) which goes through my printer without too much messing and I find much easier to work with when the pieces are soooo tiny!

The stitching perforates the papers, so then they are quite easy to rip out.

I also had another Foundation Pieced project on the back burner, so got that all printed and stitched while I was on a roll

The Add an Eighth does not work however, if you forget to fold your just added piece back before you cut!!
not the only time I did this!
 But by Sunday tea time all the sewing had been done and papers torn
 So two projects ready for finishing this week

And I made one of these!  Magic Custard Cake - it really is magic how you pour a very runny mixture into the pan and out comes a three layer cake?!?!?

 And - I have just one more round on my crochet blanket and that is another finish!!!

my lovely bag (gifted in a swap ) ready for Crochet Club last Friday
 And- We had a Project Linus Day at my local group today and I managed to get 4 quilts completed from start to finish!!
Not particularly challenging, but they are pretty!
So all in all - a good week I think.

Have you seen this quilt?  I have been downloading the patterns and have sorted fabric, so I may have given myself something else to keep me busy!

Off to get that blanket finished so I can start on this pattern. I have had a look, and can't seem to get it started properly so need a clear run I think!

 Oh - you remember the paint colour choices?

Well, we ( and when I say "we" I do mean Mr T!) have painted twice, and are off to get a third colour later in the week!

I'm not usually this fussy!!


  1. My, you have been busy!! Mini mania nearly finished!

  2. You've been quite productive! Hope the third paint color is to your liking. I'm bummed life got in the way of my mini challenge this month. I got a whole three pieces sewn onto the 4 foundations I had before I had to abandon it. But I can't wait to see everyone's minis!